FAQs & Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy! Contact your local Fleet Manager to see what we have in stock.

You will need to come to our regional office to check out the bike, sign our paperwork, and get fitted. You will also need a valid form of I.D., such as a California Driver’s License, a valid MasterCard or Visa (we only charge this if you lose or damage the bike), and proof that you are enrolled in the eligible charity event. That’s it!

We have an application and liability release you will need to fill out. You can check out the paperwork on the forms and links information below.

Bicycle Angels supports secular (i.e., non-religious) and non-political charities only.


  • Training with a charity group to complete a bike ride or triathlon (such as with Team in Training); or
  • Participating in a charity bike ride or triathlon (examples: AIDS Lifecycle, MS Coastal Challenge, Tour de Cure).

In either case, the “eligible charity event” must have a fund raising component with a minimum fund raising amount required.

Routine repairs/adjustments during your loan period (derailluer adjustments, cleaning, lube, tires, tubes) are the borrower’s responsibility. We ask that the bike be returned in as good or better condition than when you borrowed it. Borrowers are responsible for any damage or other loss to the bike that occurs during their loan period.
We have arrangements with bike shops to do repairs for us at low cost, so if you have a problem, please contact us for assistance.
Absolutely! We greatly appreciate financial donations as well as bikes, bike parts, and services in kind (bike repair, etc.). If it is not an item we can use, we will sell it and use the proceeds to add to our funding. Please see the Donate web page for further info.

We ask that you return your loaner bike within two weeks of either completing your event, getting a different bike, or discontinuing your fundraising/training efforts. We need your loaner bike back ASAP so it is available for other fundraising events!

Giving us your pants inseam and your height is helpful. You can also go to your local bike shop and ask them what size you need. We will fit you with what we have available when you come to our storage facility, but it’s best to have an idea of what size you need ahead of time. An ill-fitting bike is very uncomfortable for an endurance ride.

We have a limited fleet, but will try to help you out. Sometimes a bike in your size may be already loaned out, but returning shortly – so you may have to wait a bit. Sometimes we are able to add to our fleet to meet new demands.

We are not a rental service, we only provide loans for charity bike rides and training for those events.
Typically no. Because many of our bikes were purchased with special deals, in general we cannot replace your loaner bike with something of similar quality at the same cost.
At this time, we only loan bikes to persons living within 100 miles of Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City. We will be opening more Bicycle Angels offices in additional cities in the future. By donating funds to us, you can help us accomplish this goal and support more charity fund raising.