Bicycle Angels was started by three Team in Training cycle team staff members in December 2009.  We found that some first-time endurance cycling participants didn’t have an adequate road bike to train for and complete a cycling event. Many of these folks couldn’t afford a road bike, or were just not ready to make the investment yet in a bike of their own.  So they would quit…and we didn’t like that. We wanted people to raise more funds for charity, and have healthy fun doing it! So we got a few bikes together (four to start!), formed a corporation, and off we went with the first loans!

Once the idea took hold, we decided to branch out to support other charities as well.  The more the merrier!

From those humble beginnings, and on a relatively small budget, we’ve built a volunteer organization that has raised millions for charities, with over 300 bikes spread between 6 locations in three states.

Our program is a winner for the bike borrowers (who get to help reach a fundraising and physical fitness goal, and make friends); the charities themselves (who get more participants and funds raised through their events); and, the bicycle industry (through recruitment and engagement of new cyclists).